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As the 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize gets under way, the coveted fashion award continues to gain momentum as more partners, retailers and designers

    As the 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize gets under way, the coveted fashion award continues to gain momentum as more partners, retailers and designers align themselves and their brands to help promote outstanding and emerging talent from across the world.
    This year’s Asia regional final will take place on July 12 in Hong Kong. The International Woolmark Prize welcomes an international panel of esteemed judges to decide which designers will go through to the global final for the menswear and womenswear categories to be held early-2017.
    The Asia regional final judging panel includes:
    Christopher Raeburn – Founder and Creative Director
    Juun.J – Creative Director
    Cui Dan –Fashion Director, GQ China and Chief Editor, GQ Style China
    Fiona Kotur  –Founder and Director, KOTUR
    Priscilla I’Anson – Fashion Stylist and Consultant
    Christopher Raeburn创始人及创意总监Christopher Raeburn
    GQ 中国版时装总监及GQ Style中国版主编崔丹
    KOTUR 创始人兼董事Fiona Kotur
    时尚造型师兼顾问Priscilla I’Anson
    The Asia region this year expanded to include Indonesia, following the announcement of Femina Group as the official nominating body for Indonesia. Indonesian designers will join fashion talents from China, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong in the International Woolmark Prize Asia regional finals, cementing Indonesia as a dynamic new fashion capital.
    随着Femina Group成为印度尼西亚的官方提名机构后,今年的亚洲赛区也包括印度尼西亚的代表在内。印度尼西亚设计师将与来自中国、日本、韩国和香港的选手角逐国际羊毛标志大奖亚洲赛区的冠军名衔,并巩固印度尼西亚作为充满活力的新时尚之都的地位。
    The six regional awards will be held in Hong Kong (Asia), Sydney (Australia & New Zealand), London (British Isles), Milan (Europe), Mumbai (India, Pakistan & Middle East) and New York (USA). One menswear and one womenswear finalist will be selected from each region and will receive an AU$50,000 financial contribution towards their next collection as well as an invitation to participate in the international finals.
    六个大奖区决赛分别会在香港 (亚洲赛区)、悉尼 (澳洲及新西兰赛区)、伦敦(不列颠群岛赛区)、米兰(欧洲赛区)、孟买(印度、巴基斯坦及中东赛区)和纽约(
    “With more than 75 designers selected from 62 countries, this year’s edition of the International Woolmark Prize is the biggest one yet,” explains The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. “The award continues to highlight the most innovative and modern interpretations of Australian wool at the hands of the world’s most promising design talents.”
    国际羊毛局(The Woolmark Company)董事总经理Stuart McCullough表示:「今年的国际羊毛标志大奖盛况空前,有62个国家的75位设计师入围,这些全球最具潜力的时装界新星将以创新和现代的手法诠释澳大利亚美丽诺羊毛。」
    “Our esteemed judging panels and mentors will no doubt provide expert advice to each of the nominees which is invaluable at this stage of their careers. The continued support from industry heavyweights, governing bodies and the world’s most influential retailers cements the importance of the International Woolmark Prize on the world stage.”
    The winners of the menswear and womenswear global finals will receive a further AU$100,000 to assist with fabric sourcing and marketing of their collection and mentoring from industry experts. In addition, both international winners will have the opportunity to have their collection distributed through prestigious international retail partners including Harvey Nichols in the UK, David Jones in Australia, Boutique 1 in the UAE, Verso in Belgium, LECLAIREUR in Paris, Boon the Shop in South Korea, The Papilion in Indonesia and online through mytheresa.com (womenswear) and Matchesfashion.com (menswear).
    全球总决赛的男女装组冠军将可获得10万澳元奖金用以协助采购面料和品牌推广,另外更有业内人士的专业指导。此外,两位冠军的获奖系列也将于全球知名的时尚精品店发售,包括Harvey Nichols(英国)、David Jones(澳洲)、Boutique 1(阿联酋)、Verso(比利时)、LECLAIREUR(法国)、Boon the Shop(南韩)、The Papillion(印度尼西亚)及网上商店mytheresa.com(女装)和Matchesfashion.com(男装)。
    The Woolmark Company recognises the support of China Fashion Association, Femina Group, GQ China, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, Japan Fashion Week Organisation, Korea Fashion Association, and Vogue China as the official nominating bodies in Asia. Globally, the award is supported by key fashion councils including the Council of Fashion Designers America, British Fashion Council, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Fashion Council NL.
    国际羊毛局(The Woolmark Company)亚洲区官方提名机构包括中国服装设计师协会、 Femina Group、 GQ 中国、 香港时装设计师协会、日本时装周(Japan Fashion Week Organisation)、 韩国时装协会(Korea Fashion Association)及Vogue中国。大赛在全球获得许多重要时装机构的鼎力支持,包括美国时装设计师协会(the Council of Fashion Designers America)、英国时装协会(British Fashion Council)、梅赛德斯-奔驰马德里时装周(Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid)和荷兰时装理事会(Fashion Council NL)。
    First launched in 1953 by the International Wool Secretariat, the prize was famously awarded in 1954 to Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. Today, the International Woolmark Prize continues to recognise outstanding design talent from around the world and boasts an impressive alumnus of the most important designers from around the globe, as well as partnerships with leading fashion figures including Thom Browne, Alexander Wang and Roland Mouret.
    国际羊毛秘书处于1953年成立国际羊毛标志大奖,并于翌年在巴黎举办第一届大赛,胜出者正是赫赫有名的Karl Lagerfeld和Yves Saint Laurent。今天,大赛仍然在全球各地不断发掘才华出众的设计师,并与来自世界各地的优秀设计师合作,包括Thom Browne,Alexander Wang和Roland Mouret。
    The Woolmark Company is pleased to have the support of Wine Australia as the official drinks partner, along with TONI&GUY and makeup by MAC for the 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize.
    国际羊毛局(The Woolmark Company)很荣幸获得Wine Australia的支持,成为官方酒类合作伙伴,并感谢为2016/17国际羊毛标志大奖提供发型设计的TONI&GUY和彩妆产品的M.A.C.
    About The Woolmark Company:
    The Woolmark Company is the global authority on wool. Through our extensive network of relationships spanning the international textile and fashion industries, we highlight Australian wool’s position as the ultimate natural fibre and premier ingredient in luxury apparel.
    The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation from farm through to finished product.
    The Woolmark Company is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation, a not-for-profit enterprise owned by more than 24,000 woolgrowers that invests in research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool.
    国际羊毛局(The Woolmark Company)是羊毛业界的国际权威认证机构,透过与全球各国的纺织和时尚业界建立多方向的合作关系,成功将澳大利亚羊毛打造成最天然的纤维和高级时装的首选材料。
    国际羊毛局(The Woolmark Company)附属于澳大利亚羊毛发展公司(Australian Wool Innovation)-  一个由超过24,000位羊毛生产者共同拥有的非盈利性组织,致力于为澳洲羊毛的全球供应提供研发和市场推广服务。
    For more information on the International Woolmark Prize go to www.woolmarkprize.com










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